Classic Driving Experiences

Get behind the wheel of your dream classic

With Classic Cars Stuff you can live, not just read or watch it.  We've got together with Great Driving Days to bring you an exclusive range of driving experiences. They're guided by simple principles: no windswept race tracks, no nannying instructors, no carefully counted laps.  Just you, the open road and your choice of passenger. From £39.

Classic Tasters

Driving Trails

Road Trips

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60 Minute Country Drives

Single-Car Driving Days

Multi-Car Half & Full Day Drives

Classic Tasters let you experience what we call The Golden Hour: the first 60 minutes in your favourite classic are always the best. That's what Tasters are all about.  You get 1 hr driving time along a choice of four 20-mile guided routes along quiet Worcestershire country roads. 

No instructors: just you, the car & your passengers. 


Sometimes only one car will do.  Immerse yourself in your chosen classic with these carefully curated Driving Trails.  Choose from 20 classic cars from the 1960s to 1990s, pick a driving route, grab the keys and go.

Choice of half day and full day experiences.  From £149


Hit the road with this exclusive range of multi-car driving trips.  Explore the Cotswolds, Malverns or Wales in these half day (3-car) and full day (5-car) road trips.  Perfect for drivers & passengers. From £149.