10 Good Reasons to Choose a Classic Hire Car From Us

Some people might call it blowing our own trumpet. I can’t actually blow a trumpet, let alone play one, but I am happy to stand accused.  Because whatever you call the art of shameless self promotion, I prefer to call it self believe.  Here at Great Escape we genuinely love what we do. So here’s why, if you’re considering a classic car hire or driving experience gift voucher this year, we think you should choose us. Warning – there are a lot of metaphorical trumpets being metaphorically blown below.

1. More cars means more choice A Great Escape gift voucher goes further because we have by far the UK’s largest fleet of classic cars – over 60, with cars being added almost every week. So if you receive a gift voucher from us you aren’t limited to a handful of cars from one location. Our fleet covers everything from Minis to E Types and starts at just £95 a day.

2. More locations than anyone else We hire cars from three main locations in Devon, Midlands and Yorkshire as well as smaller local sites. And our large sites each have examples of our most popular hire cars.  So you don’t have to travel to the ends of the earth to enjoy a great day out – in fact, you’re never more than 2 hours driving time from a Great Escape site any where in England or Wales.

3. The best value we can deliver The biggest headache with classic cars is the cost of maintenance.  We do our own so we save money. And we pass that on to you. All of our prices include comprehensive insurance, full UK breakdown cover (we don’t make any hidden charges for breakdowns) and either unlimited mileage or a generous mileage allowance. Unlike other classic car hire companies, 20% of the price you pay goes straight to the VAT man, so we are generally also cheaper on like for like prices.

4. More convenient: simple online or phone booking Great Escape is the only classic car hire company with full online availability check and online booking facilities.  We also have a Gift Shop online where you can buy a range of packages and vouchers. It’s all backed by our secure payment system with no hidden extras – no hidden charges for VAT, postage or booking. The online system works in real time 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year. Or call us any time 8.30am to 6pm Monday to Saturday.

5. More than just classic car hire Hiring our cars to customers who want to use them for a day or more is where we started and is the bread and butter of what we do. But now we do more. So if you want to a day out driving several cars on some of our favourite roads or a themed weekend getaway package, we do them. Prices start at £199 for a driving day – a perfect way to sample 5 classic cars in 1 day.

6. Reliable, high quality vehicles When you buy classic car hire you generally don’t get the chance to see the car you’ll be driving before you drive it. So it’s only fair that we ensure our cars are at least of the sort of standard you expect. Although they work hard, we also work hard to keep them in good condition, investing at least 35% of our turnover in maintenance and improvement via our own workshop. It’s also important that the car you drive is reliable – by investing in our fleet we keep breakdowns on hire to less than 1% of all hires. Which, we think, is quite probably the best level in the industry.

7. Transparent, clear pricing Transparent, honest pricing has been part of how we work from day 1 – I believe you should get what you expect. So a day’s car hire means a full 24 hrs, not AM to PM.  Where we can we provide unlimited mileage, if we need to limit the mileage to preserve the car we make the allowance generous and make this clear. Comprehensive insurance is included. Full UK breakdown is also included – unlike some companies, we don’t charge you if you happen to breakdown somewhere that is inconvenient for us or a long way away.

8. Our own mechanics & support staff When you’re out in an old car you want to know that if you’re unsure about something or something goes wrong, someone is there to help. We not only have full phone support 7 days a week but we also have our own recovery transport – that means we can get to you faster, usually with a replacement car, if we need to. So your experience can continue and you’re not stuck. It’s unlikely to happen but if it does happen it’s good to know it’s there.

9. We can do it for them so we can do it for you No other classic car hire company undertakes the sort of large-scale corporate events and TV projects that we do. To make them succeed we need reliable staff, reliable cars and good customer service.  I like to think that if we can be trusted to undertake a corporate event with 40 cars and 100 people, we can make your hire a successful and enjoyable experience.

10. There’s a lorra lorra love in what we do Nobody sets up a classic car hire company to get rich. We do it because we love it. and hopefully that enthusiasm filters through to how we handle every customer and every hire.

If we can help with planning your Christmas gift, from car hire to driving days or weekends away, please call 01527 893733 or visit http://www.greatescapecars.co.uk.

Thanks for getting this far. Trumpet returned to box, rarely to be blown quite so stridently again.

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