10 things to do with £100 this Christmas

This Christmas, as usual, everywhere you look there’ll be lists of advice on how to burn the money you don’t have in your pocket. ‘Best Buys’, ‘Gifts for her’, ‘Gifts for him.’ So in the spirit of Christmas lists, here is ours. It’s no more useful than any of the others except that it takes a reasonable budget of £100 and gives you 10 ways to spend it. Because we’re Great Escape and it’s Christmas though, you can probably guess where this is going. So here’s the spoiler – it does go there.

Without further delay and a healthy jingle of the jangly festive bells, here is our guide to spending £100 this Christmas.

1. Buy a bit of a Playstation 4 and look at it

Brilliant as the new PS4 apparently is, if you – or someone you love, has £100 burning a hole in a pocket you’ll have to pool it together with Christmas money from granny and grandad and no doubt other sources to enjoy some top flight gaming. And, to be honest, your chances of persuading your ‘better half’ to buy you a present that involves sitting alone in a room for hours on end are between zero and nothing. Dream on.

2. Indulge in a day at a luxury spa

If you’re after maximum results for minimum effort in the present-buying lottery then surely a spa day is it. Go online, click buy, and buy. And there is no doubt that a spa day is a good way to spend £100. The trouble is, you don’t get much for £100 at a spa. One back massage and a day lazing around a pool with some healthy salad for lunch just about does it. And if the one you love – or you – are really going to enjoy it you need to take someone with you, which doubles the cost. So a good idea, but not really a £100 one – either £50 or £200. 

3. 100 trips to Poundland

Of course, what finer way is there to show the one you love how you feel than a Poundland gift voucher? It’s practical, it goes on giving 100 times longer and who doesn’t enjoy wandering the aisles of Poundland, if not perhaps 100 times? We can’t think of much that would knock this one down so go on, do it. Surprise the significant other in your life with a Poundland voucher. Good luck.

4. A Supercar Day

Hooning around an airfield in a Murcielago has become the default gift of choice for anyone over a certain age who fits the insurance criteria. It’s easy. It’s exciting. It’s one size fits all – who wouldn’t want to do it? Well, me to be honest. £100 gets you a pretty basic Supercar Day, which in my experience involves standing in the rain in the middle of some deserted airfield miles from anywhere watching someone else drive a Supercar twice round a coned off track. Eventually, after a lot of waiting, it becomes your go and you get to drive a clapped out supercar twice around some cones under strict supervision at under 3,000 rpm. Fun? Not pictured. 

5. A bit of a balloon trip

Up, up in the sky in my beautiful balloon etc. Like super cars, a balloon trip is one of those default gifts you give someone you can’t think what else to give. And, of this list so far, it has to be the best idea. Going in a balloon is brilliant. And pretty easy as lots of companies offer inexpensive packages. The trouble is, £100 doesn’t generally get you a complete balloon trip as most cost more than £100. So you could go up but not down. And, like a spa day, it’s a per person experience – for the person you love to enjoy it you’d probably need to go to. Which of course doubles the price. 

6. Buy a bottle of perfume (or aftershave)

If all else fails, go for smellies. Perfume companies make over 80% of their sales at Christmas, which is why you can’t escape artfully beautiful people and equally stylish bottles of stuff on TV adverts. And no doubt about it, a bottle of smell is a great idea as a Christmas gift. £100 gets you a decent bottle which of course can then sit in a draw for 364 days of the year until next Christmas, by which time you’ve got another bottle to use. Still, smells better than year-old socks. 

7. Buy a lot of socks (or ties, or pants)

For quite a lot of men Christmas is an excellent opportunity to restock the old wardrobe with some of the staples you can’t be bothered shopping for. Namely pants, ties and socks. Ties, of course, are a dying breed in today’s open-necked Britain but one can never do without socks or pants, unless you’re French. Dull as a gift of pants or socks may seem it has one saving grace – it saves the recipient the hassle of actually going pants and socks shopping, which frankly is an utter waste of several hours.  So, a good gift, but not, let’s be honest, a very exciting one. Unless your gift socks have a picture of Bart Simpson on them of course.

8. Buy a magazine subscription

Nothing, repeat nothing, quite has the ring of Last Resort about it than a magazine subscription. Yes, it is the gift that goes on giving – well for 12 months at least – but it hardly smacks of long and hard thinking. £100, in fairness, would get you a couple of magazine subscriptions and of course the obligatory free gifts, but after month two you’re really rather wishing you’d had something useful. Like socks. 

9. A wine tasting evening

Or similar. Beyond a certain age – usually one with a 4 in it – it is fair to say that some acquaintances, desperate to find an unusual Christmas gift for you, decide on the spur of the moment that you should develop a new interest in something. Something to fill those winter evenings and weekends that would otherwise be spent pleasantly Not Doing Anything. Wine tasting is a common one. Home brewing another. These are activities which, if they were of any interest, may have cropped up on your radar in the previous 3 or 4 decades.  A wine tasting voucher is a gift only to the experience provider because it will never, ever get used. Ever. 

10. A day out in a classic car 

Of course, you knew where this was going and who am I to disappoint you. I am biased of course so I’ll keep this factual. We’ve provided 9 different ways to spend £100 this Christmas. Or you could hire a classic car. It’s a gift to share for two or more and it’s one that lasts at least 24 hrs. Your £100 is it – insurance, unlimited mileage are all included. It’s easy – three convenient locations in Yorkshire, Midlands and Devon and there is a lot of choice. For £95 you can enjoy 24 hrs in anything from a Morris Minor to a Jaguar XJS. You don’t have to love classic cars to enjoy it – just love the chance to do something a little different and explore a new part of the world in an unusual way. 

Between now and Christmas 2013 you can claim 15% off classic car hire by mentioning this article – so your £100 will go even further visit http:///www.greatescapecars.co.uk to view our cars and Christmas gift vouchers in our online gift shop or call 01527 893733 for more details. 

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