A New Jensen Interceptor for 2014

The plans involve a group of companies coming together, at Browns Lane in Coventry no less, to build a brand new all-aluminium chassis, aluminium body grand tourer that evokes the style of the 70s original. The plans sound credible to us as they have the input of some established names and the permission of the owners of the Jensen and Interceptor brands. Work, they say, is at an advanced stage.

We know the enduring appeal of the Jensen from our experience of hiring them out. We hire out two Jensen Interceptors from our Yorkshire and Cotswolds sites and they are always amongst our most popular cars. A well sorted Jensen such as either of the cars we hire is a wonderful car to tour around. And the styling inside and out is delightful.

So good luck to the team behind the new Jensen. We’ll provide updates as we hear them on this blog. For more details on the Great Escape Jensen Interceptors for hire call 01527 893733 or visit http://www.greatescapecars.co.uk/.

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