A super car or a super day?

They’re not called super for nothing. Lamborghinis, Ferraris, hig spec Porsches and Astons are, by their very name, super. Of course they are. For proper testosterone-fuelled petrolheads, they’re the stuff of dreams.  So when the special someone – or someones – in your life gift you a Supercar Experience then, quite frankly, it’s bonanza time.

After all, what could be better than driving a proper, fully-fledged, snarling, growling Lambo three times around a damp airfield. With a rev limiter. After waiting 3 hrs in the rain. With an instructor/nanny sat beside you. Around some cones. 

Such, sadly, is the stark reality of a Supercar Experience. Sure, for most of us mere mortals it’s the only way we’ll ever get to drive one so put up or shut up. But it’s hardly much of an experience. For one hundred and ninety quid or so. And in today’s cash-strapped, damn-the-greedy-bankers era, how you spend £199 actually matters. Because there are fewer multiples of £199 available right now. This is what it feels like to be the squeezed middle. 

Part of the problem with The Supercar Experience is that quite a lot of the cost of providing the experience goes to people who aren’t providing it at all. Most of the companies offering driving experiences are just middle men acting on behalf of individuals and companies who provide the actual experience. Some, the reputable ones, suss out and perhaps even meet the experience providers. Quite a lot don’t even have direct contact except via finance functions. I know this because I’ve dealt with them. 

Whether the intermediaries manage the quality of the experience or not, they are just that – intermediaries. A big chunk of the money you pay for the experience – between 25 and 50% – goes to them. Which on a £199 experience doesn’t leave a lot to pay for the Ferrari, airfield and insurance.

For the same £199 at Great Escape we do our driving experiences a little differently. You deal direct with us. So you pay for what you get. That also makes us directly responsible for the service we provide – we aren’t hiding behind a big faceless organisation. That is why you can’t book our driving days any way but direct. By cutting out the intermediary and doing what we love we can provide a full day’s driving, 8.30am to 5pm, in five different classic cars for £199. Fuel, insurance and even lunch are included. We cover at least 100 miles and there are no clapped out cars or rev limiters. Just a great day out. 

For 2015 we’ve added more rallies than ever before and clearly listed the cars you’ll drive – something that customers have asked us for. You can find out more – and read the testimonials – at http://www.greatescapecars.co.uk. Or call 01527 893733

To join one of our rallies as a driver costs £199. Passengers are £99. Lunch, fuel, route and insurance are all included. 

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