A week with classic cars

It has been a funny old week. At Great Escape Classic Car Hire we’ve had an unseasonaly hectic period with lots of car hire activity in the run up to Santa’s busiest day. Cars out, weddings and 2010 bookings. It’s given me the chance to test some of our cars back to back in some pretty tough conditions. Driving the Mazda MX5, Aston Martin DB6, Jensen Interceptor, Jaguar Mk2, Jaguar XJR and Porsche 928 back to back has been great fun and taught me a few lessons about classic cars old and new. So here goes:

1. Truck drivers hate Aston Martins of any age – maybe it’s something to do with James Bond

2. The Mazda MX5 is the perfect all weather, all year classic car – it’s popular because this car really is that good

3. Classic car heaters are programmed to pack up in December

4. Batteries will perform faultlessly for 364 days of the year until the first really cold day arrives and then they commit suicide

5. The Jaguar XJR has four massive fuse boxes dotted around the car in the most unlikely and awkward places (see 4)

6. Driving up the M40 in a Jensen convoy is an effective but expensive way to warm the immediate environment and defrost the road for other road users

7. The Jaguar Mk2 is a great trooper – always ready, always starts even 45 years after it was built

Having sampled all these different cars over 1000 miles this week in snow, rain, sleet and ice the car I’d jump into again first? It’s not that easy but it would have to be the Porsche or MX5. Which is a pretty ringing endorsement of the remarkable little Japanese sportscar.

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