Be Bobby For The Day

Steve McQueen, James Dean, Cary Grant. All wonderful role models I’m sure and at various points in a typical day I imagine I’m one or other or all three. But spare a thought for Bobby Ewing. Effortlessly rich, glorious of hair and blessed with everything money could buy (except a secure shower, of course). Personally, with the exception perhaps of the bouffant locks, I suspect that there is a little part of most men of a certain age which really quite likes the idea of Being Bobby, if just for one day. I think you may, by now, be able to see where this is going. Because now you can Be Bobby. Great Escape Classic Car Hire may not be able to offer oil wells and South Fork but we have the next best thing – Bobby’s wheels. We’ve added a classic Mercedes SL R107 convertible to our fleet just like the one our Bob drove in Dallas. The latest addition perhaps explains our new-found admiration for TV’s second most famous shower star. There are few classic convertibles that we can honestly say deliver the same combination of style and relaxation. Our new SL is nearly 30 years old yet drives as easily as a modern car and is almost certainly better built. It wafts better than Linda Gray’s perma-set hair on a gentle Dallas breeze. Its chiselled lines are exactly what you want from a convertible – big long bonnet, stubby rear and pillarless doors. What Bobby knows and the growing legion of classic SL fans are discovering is that the car has hidden depths too. It is quite sprightly and handles tidily. This isn’t a B-road banzai but you can enjoy the twisties if you wish. And with the top up or down the cabin is a joy – spacious, stylish and infinitely practical with a decent boot, small rear seat and plenty of storage space. The E Type may be more glamorous and driver-orientated and the Alfa Spider may be more stylish but the Mercedes SL tops the list if you want to cover long distances effortlessly. Which may explain why Bobby Ewing, despite his many trials and tribulations during the 80s, returned from the shower for another scene with his beloved SL. You can Be Bobby for the day or weekend from our Cotswolds site where our Mercedes SL is available to hire from £199 for 24 hrs. To find out more call 01527 893733 or visit

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