Beetling about Europe

A Volkswagen Beetle may not be anyone’s first choice of trans-continental travelling but when you’re getting together with mates to exactly recreate a trip from 1969 nothing else will do.

Such was the situation when a customer booked our immaculate 1969 VW Beetle for a 2 week trip around Europe including down as far as the Pyrenees. Despite covering over 2,500 miles the car returned to us without fault and with high praise from the customer for its condition, reliability and sheer fun factor. The only problem was a tyre blow out.

We regularly hire cars for extended trips abroad or around Britain. In the last few weeks our cars have gone to France, Ireland and around the UK for several weeks at a time. We maintain our Yorkshire, Devon and Cotswolds fleets in-house and they are subject to weekly inspections plus an ongoing maintenance regime. While we can’t remove the risk of breakdown associated with old cars this attention to detail means we can be confident that our cars are perfectly capable of completing long, high mileage holidays that might test even modern cars. 

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