Bringing the Robin in from the cold

The poor old Reliant Robin, nee Regale, nee Rialto has had a tough time over the years at the hands of jokers and Jeremy Clarkson. Sure, it only has three wheels and is made of plastic but in these eco-conscious times shouldn’t we laud its energy saving credentials rather than laugh at the three wheeled wonder? At Great Escape we’re always aiming to be at the cutting edge of the classic car market, looking for the classics of the future to offer to our customers. For a long time I’ve pondered the Reliant 3 wheeler and laughed. I’m laughing no more. Customers are turning away from such everyday metal as E Types and Jensens and demanding more eco-friendly cars. We had to do something. Sadly the list of economical eco-friendly classics is a short one that largely starts and ends with a three wheeled device from Tamworth. So we began the search for a Rialto. Or Robin. Or Regale. Although there are plenty about, our requirements were specific. It needed space for 4. It needed to be aspirational. It had to be white to cater for the self drive wedding car market. It had to have blacked out windows because I wouldn’t be seem dead in it. And perhaps, just maybe, it would give us a shoe-in to the lucrative stretch limo market that we had hitherto been locked out of. Yes, an economical, stylish, white stretched Reliant Robaltegale would kill many birds with one stone. And probably its occupants. So today we announce the latest addition to out fleet. It’s long. It’s white. It does 45 to the gallon. Frankly, we’re putting deposits down on our personal Aston Rapides right now. This is it, le grand time. You can hire this unique car, tailor made for the modern world, from our Cotswolds site for £95 per day on a self drive basis. Sunglasses, hat, fake beard all available as optional extras. 01527 893733

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