Christmas is a time to share

Given the choice, all of us – with the obvious exception of Ranulph Fiennes or Ellen McArthur – like to take the easy route.  So when you’ve got the chance to buy one Christmas gift that can be shared between two, obviously that feels like a win-win.  Because, of course, it is.

The trouble with this ‘one size fits two’ philosophy is that the gifts on offer for sharing often stretch the concept of sharing.  Like a spa weekend – lovely if lounging in a sauna is your thing, less so if you prefer watching football.  Likewise, the perennial Christmas sharing backstop – the hamper.  Lots to enjoy for one person, never quite enough to satisfy two.  Unless one person has a penchant for quince jelly and coffee creams.

At Great Escape Cars we don’t think anyone should be left with the orange creme of life.  So when we devised Christmas gifts to share we wanted them to be enjoyed equally by both people.  Say hello to our classic road trips.

Since we hire out classic cars the fundamental ‘car-based’ nature of our road trips is hard to avoid.  So if someone you know loves driving and cars, consider that a box ticked.  But we haven’t just stopped there.  For the less car orientated partner or friend we’ve developed the format to give them a great day out too.  Because each of our road trip routes involves stunning scenery, open top cars, lunch and great company.  We think that works for both people – but don’t just take our word for it, watch our film to see what our customers say.

There are six unique road trips and they’re all available for drivers and passengers as two-person packages. You can choose a voucher for any one of them or a general voucher covering them all.  All vouchers are valid for 12 months.  Prices are just £399 for two people.  Click on the logo below to find out more.

You can buy all of our vouchers online or call 01527 893733 for more details. 


01527 893733

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