Clarkson Likes a Classic Car Shock

The 40 year old design achieved its moment in the limelight thanks to its re-relaunch by the consortium that originally developed the Jensen Interceptor S. The R is effectively the S under a new, bizarrely retrograde, name following the collapse of the company that originally made them. For £105,000 the company will take your Jensen Interceptor, ditch the Chrysler engine, fit a Corvette engine and gearbox plus independent rear suspension and give you what is effectively a brand new car.

At Great Escape Classic Car Hire we’re not entirely sure how we feel about the Jensen Interceptor R. We loved the idea of the Interceptor S when we first heard about it, because after all there isn’t much sign of a new Jensen on the horizon so anything that injects some interest in the marque is worthwhile. But the car failed to find enough buyers first time around and so we’re a little worried that the relaunch could end up further dragging the Jensen name through the mire. But these guys clearly love Jensen Interceptors as much as we do so we have to wish them the best. And anything that gets Clarkson enthusiastic is probably not a bad thing.

You can find out more about the Jensen Interceptor R by following this link. To hire an original big block Jensen Interceptor in Yorkshire or Worcestershire, call 01527 893733 or visit

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