Classic car events up 50% in 2015

Running classic car corporate events is a specialist little niche activity. Not many companies do it so not many people know you can do it.  And yet, despite its under-the-radar, nudge, nudge nature it’s becoming one of the biggest parts of what we do.  In 2015 our corporate event sales are up 50% again. 

The growth is coming from event management firms whose clients are seeking new and unusual networking opportunities with key prospects and customers.  Our clients tend to be high end and by, definition, this makes the target market quite small.  It also means that the event management companies that we work with expect high standards and a slick operation. 

Our clients are looking for entertainment and networking opportunities that differ from the norm. Classic cars provide an unusual alternative, but with a clear business driver. The Great Escape Cars corporate event format pairs up clients and customers in cars to provide them with an informal networking and relationship building opportunity.  Guests switch cars and partners throughout the day, with a lunch stop and refreshments along the way to enable wider interaction.

Our clients tend to be high end. We’ve tailored our package to enable them to network and building relationships during the day.  The cars provide a strong carrot to attract attendees but it is the format that turns that to the client’s advantage. Since the recession clients we feel that clients want events that deliver results, not just a nice day out. Our format perfectly suits that: it is enjoyable but there is a serious business edge to it as well.

We run corporate events every week during the season for blue chip international clients.  Generally we work in conjunction with event management companies, but we also work direct with clients.

The classic car events can be run anywhere in the UK. Great Escape Cars is based in the Midlands on the edge of the Cotswolds but has the facilities to move any number of vehicles anywhere in the UK and overseas. The company’s events were recently positively reviewed by The Telegraph newspaper.

To view some of our case studies click here.


For more details on Great Escape’s classic car hire fleet visit or call 01527 893733.  

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