Classic winter warmers

There’s no other way to describe March. It’s cold. When it’s cold, frankly, you need to be warm. When it’s warm we want to be cool. So here is our list of classic cars that will warm your heart and keep you warm.

Jensen Interceptor

The Jensen performs many useful functions for the lover of warmth. It cossets like few other cars, thanks to huge leather armchairs made from quite a lot of cows. It has a superb heater backed up by a nice warm transmission tunnel that reaches far into the footwells. And its prodigious thirst is probably contributing to a warmer planet, not in all seriousness that we condone or encourage such an outcome. But facts is facts.

Jaguar E Type coupe

In the early 1960s Jaguar didn’t do heaters very well. Perhaps when you were scooting around on a blag in your Mk2 or being liberally draped in supermodels in your E Type, keeping warm wasn’t a top priority. Despite a history of freezing its customers, by the mid to late 60s Jaguar had realised that man (or woman) cannot live without fully functioning organs. So it started fitting decent heaters to its car. The coupe E Type is the place to be wen it’s cold outside. It’s warm and, wait for it, cool at the same time. And in the colder weather you stand a much better chance of being able to hire on of our most popular cars.

Jaguar XJS

By the 1970s and 80s Jaguar was well and truly ‘on’ the heating vibe. The 1980s XJS in coupe or convertible form is a virtual pean to warmth, such is the furnace like nature of its heater. And in case that wasn’t enough the convertible has heated seats. Coupe or convertible, we have both available to hire.

Mercedes SLK

Back in 1969 could silken-scarfed MGB man ever comprehend the idea of the ‘air scarf’? This breakthrough by Mercedes makes Cold Neck Syndrome a thing of the past. Just drop the top on our Peak District SLK, flick the Airscarf function and revel, literally and metaphorically revel, in the blast of warm air around your neck. Anyone who says this is namby pamby motoring is silly. Who wants to wear the automotive equivalent of a hair shirt?

All of our classic winter warmers are available to hire from Great Escape Classic Car Hire. To find out more visit or call 01527 893733.

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