Classics for family and friends

Why is it that classic saloon cars are always the poor cousin of classic convertible and coupe cars? I guess the answer is obvious to some – convertibles and coupes are much more aspirational and unusual. If you drive a saloon car everyday, you probably won’t hanker after one as a classic.

But perhaps it shouldn’t be like that. Classic saloons are cheaper to buy and they’re ideal for families. So unlike a coupe or convertible, you don’t need to sell them when children come along. They’re nostalgic – the saloon cars we love are the cars we remember from our youth. They’re also rare. The irony is that despite being available in generally vast numbers when new, saloon cars are pretty rare as classics. That’s precisely because they’re unloved compared to coupes and convertibles.

I love saloon cars and my Jaguar XJ6 in particular. What an amazing car. Saloon cars like the Jaguar XJ6 and Jaguar Mk2 prove that you don’t have to sacrifice consummate ability, looks and driving pleasure when you bolt on two extra doors. So lets hear it for saloons. I’m going to be pushing my fleet of classic hire cars as great weekend cars to enjoy with family and friends – in these hard pressed times it’s an inexpensive gift to share and enjoy.

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