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Sometimes a simple fact hits you like a wet fish round the lugholes. For example it is possible to be both funny and annoying at exactly the same time, like Jeremy Clarkson. 

Less traumatically, it is a fact, I learned today, that the humble county of Devon has more miles of road than the whole of Belgium. Goodness. This fact was highlighted by Devon County Council to explain why (a) they never manage to grit much of the 8,000 mile network and (b) they struggle somewhat to repair the roads as well. Fortunately the Council’s pothole-shaped budget dilemma hasn’t prevented them assembling a remarkable array of speed detection and prevention resources, presumably to deter all those miscreant septuagenarians in their Micras, but that’s a discussion for another day. 

Devon Council’s carefully researched excuse for not doing the job for which it collects council tax fortunately also serves a far more useful purpose for me. I have suggested before that Devon may actually be the best place in Britain to drive a classic car. It has sun (well, more often than the rest of us), it has beautiful coast and country scenery. It has nice pubs conveniently situated along some brilliant driving roads. Of which, we now know, there are 8,000 miles.

Devon, as I discovered in four years living here, is a wonderful place drive off and escape in, with rambling lanes that let you get off the beaten path quickly and without much effort. And wherever you go you eventually get somewhere.

We are currently providing our cars for a forthcoming BBC TV series, most of which is being filmed in the South West. Come along and enjoy the place, the roads are lovely.

Great Escape has a fleet of convertibles available to hire from our base in Devon near Exeter airport just off the m5. For more details visit or call 01527 893733

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