Don’t let your wedding chauffeur have all the fun

There’s no such thing as a traditional wedding any more.  And wedding car transport has been going through it’s own quiet revolution.  Alongside the move away from traditional white Rolls Royce saloons more and more couples have been opting to make their wedding cars different and individual.  So they’re choosing to hire and drive their own cars.

Self drive wedding car hire is the new chauffeur driven wedding car hire.  As well as opening up a huge range of new and unusual cars to drive on your wedding day, it also has two other major benefits.  Firstly, it’s much cheaper than chauffeur driven wedding car hire – most couples expect to spend £300 or more on a chauffeur driven car that they will use for perhaps 45 minutes or an hour.  Self drive wedding car hire from Great Escape Classic Car Hire starts at just £170 for 36 hours hire – 10 times the amount of use for around half the price.

Secondly, self drive wedding car hire is much more flexible than chauffeur driven wedding car hire.  You choose when you collect and return the car (or Great Escape Classic Car Hire can deliver and collect it if you wish) and you have much more time with the car.  You’re in full control of where the car is and when – no hanging around worrying about a chauffeur turning up.  And no stranger transporting you to and from the wedding – with self drive wedding car hire a family member or family friend gets to share the journey with you, or the bride and groom can drive themselves.

Great Escape Classic Car Hire has considerable experience providing self drive wedding cars for couples and has developed a range of flexible options to help them fit the car into their plans.  This includes a unique 36 hour, 1.5 day hire package that lets you collect the car on the day before and return it on the day after – without paying the full price for 2 days that you don’t need.  Great Escape also offers a delivery and collection service.  With 11 local sites across the UK you are never more than 90 minutes away from a Great Escape location in England.

The range of cars available to hire from Great Escape Classic Car Hire includes groom’s cars and bridal cars covering saloons, convertibles and coupes from the 1950s to 2000s.  There is a choice of classic or modern supercars too.  The range includes Jaguar E Types, DeLorean, MGB, Aston Martins and Ferraris in a wide choice of colours to suit virtually any theme. 

To find out more about Great Escape Classic Car Hire’s locations and range of self drive classic wedding cars call 01527 893733 or email

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