Don’t let your wedding chauffeur have all the fun

Wedding cars used to be just like Post Office vans – one colour and all the same.  If you didn’t fancy a white Rolls Royce you’d struggle to find an alternative.  In the last few years all that has changed.  Today there is a huge choice of wedding cars with a vehicle to sort all kinds of individual requirements.  But generally with one constant – they’ve got to be chauffeur driven. Yet here things are changing and may be about to change quite significantly.  Great Escape Classic Car Hire is one of an increasing number of companies offering wedding cars on a self drive only basis. This option is growing in popularity because it is cheaper than chauffeur hire, provides more flexibility and also the chance for at least one member of the wedding party to drive the car.  The popularity of self drive wedding car hire is also being boosted by the Government’s proposal to make all chauffeur driven wedding cars subject to the same regulations as private hire taxis and minicabs.  Currently vehicles used specifically for weddings are exempted from the normal checks and legislation applying to other public service vehicles.  The Government has created a draft bill that intends to close this loophole.  The legislation will go before Parliament in November 2013 and if successful will significantly reduce the pool of chauffeur driven cars available for weddings.  At Great Escape we expect this legislation to be passed so as a precaution we have stopped offering a chauffeur driven alternative with our fleet of wedding cars.  We have also found that in the current straightened economic times that most couples actually prefer to hire their wedding car on a self drive basis. Hiring a wedding car on a self drive basis opens up a huge range of cars to use on your wedding day.  You are no longer restricted to four seater saloons – if you decide to drive yourself you can use a 2 seater because you don’t need space for the chauffeur.  At Great Escape we have a wide selection of 2 and 4 seater coupes, convertibles and saloons in a wide range of colours, covering everything from Morris Minor convertibles to Jaguar E Types, Aston Martin DB6s and DeLoreans.  Whereas a chauffeur driven wedding car will typically cost at least £300 for 5 hours, a self drive classic wedding car can be hired from just £150 for a full 24 hours.  The only extra cost is for your petrol.  Great Escape Classic Car Hire offers a special wedding hire package that includes 36 hours hire instead of our normal 24 or 48 hour hire periods.  This means that you can collect the car on the day before and return it by lunchtime on the day after.  This can significantly reduce the stress and hassle of hiring a wedding car on a self drive basis without incurring the full cost of a 48 hour, which may not be needed.  Great Escape can also offer a full collection and delivery service, although this can work out expensive for long distances.  Often if the wedding is local to one of Great Escape’s 10 UK locations couples will opt for a 24 hour hire and arrange for Great Escape Classic Car Hire to collect the car – this arrangement can be simpler and often cheaper even than the 36 hour hire option. We are already experiencing significantly higher demand for wedding cars in 2013 than in any other year.  To discuss your plans and obtain a quote on self drive wedding car hire call Great Escape Classic Car Hire on 01527 893733 or email  Or for more information on the cars visit  Mention this article and claim 10% off the total cost of your self drive wedding cars.

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