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Great Escape Cars is not, and never will be, a supermarket. I think I can say that with some confidence. Appealing as that proposition at times may be.

And yet when it comes to pricing what we sell, we are quite a bit like one. Just like Tesco, Asda, Lidl, Morrisons et al we benchmark our prices to make sure we’re the best value in the classic car hire market. Because, as Ed Milland keeps reminding us, the cost of living is not getting better. 

We haven’t increased our prices since 2011. In fact, we’ve just cut them again. We have cut the price of some of our most popular hire cars. Our MGBs, Jaguar Mk2s, Alfa Spider, Mercedes SL and E Type coupes can now be hired for the lowest prices we’ve ever offered. This isn’t a 7 day offer, it’s a permanent reduction.

We’ve reviewed and reduced our prices because we’ve lowered our costs. Most of our costs are in maintenance and insurance. By doing our own maintenance and improvements and by leveraging the size of our fleet, we’ve cut our costs. Our fleet has got more reliable, which also helps keep costs down.  And we’re passing that saving on. The latest round of cuts makes our Mk2s, MGBs and E Type coupes as well as Alfas and Mercedes the lowest price of these models to hire in the UK. We don’t cut corners on the package either – comprehensive insurance, unlimited or generous mileage allowance and full UK RAC back up (we don’t charge you if you break down, which believe it or not, some companies do). 

Unlike the supermarkets, all of whom claim, and claim to prove, that they’re the best value, we don’t fudge our claims behind market research and analysis techniques. We just check our prices against everyone else and make sure we’re better value.

Our new lower hire prices

MGB – was £169/24 hrs, now £150 

Alfa Spider – was £169/24 hrs, now £150

Mercedes SL – was £199/24 hrs, now £150

Jaguar Mk2 – was £229/24 hrs, now £199

Jaguar E Type coupe – was £279/24hrs, now £249

Our 48 hr prices on the cars have also been slashed. 

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