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There’s a reason why the Jaguar E Type is regularly voted the most beautiful car in the world.  And it’s the same reason why it is consistently our most popular hire car.  It’s brilliant.

With Christmas fast approach our phone is getting busy.  And so often the conversation starts “I see you’ve got E Types for hire…”

50 years after it first rolled off the production line the Jaguar E Type still makes you catch your breath.  From any angle it is beautiful, a sculpted wonder straight from the designer’s pen.  It came from an era before the legislation forced bulbous, amorphous cars on us.

The great thing about the E Type is that it is not just stylish, it is great to drive too.  Which explains why at Great Escape Classic Car Hire we have invested in the largest choice of Jaguar E Types to hire in the UK.  We have 5 E Types available to hire from our sites in Devon, Cotswolds and Yorkshire.  They cover the full range of E Type models from early Series 1 to final Series 3.  We offer the choice of coupes or convertibles and 4.2 litre straight 6 engines or glorious V12 power.

The Great Escape Jaguar E Types can be hired by the day, weekend or week and are ideal for celebrating a birthday, they make a great Christmas present or as a wedding car (we have two white convertibles that are ideal for weddings).  Every hire day includes 24 hours use, 200 miles per day allowance and comprehensive insurance.

Right now we are offering 10% off the hire of all E Types before Christmas.  You can choose to book a date – any time in the next 12 months or buy a gift voucher and then choose the date.  All gift vouchers are valid for 12 months.

For more information visit http://www.greatescapecars.co.uk or call 01527 893733.

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