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No sooner has Santa popped off with Rudolph and Co. than Cupid’s rosening up his bow. And so we find outselves mere days away from Valentine’s Day.

Despite carrying the blood of q country where men can and frankly always will dress in skirts, I’ll admit to only a passing acquaintance to my feminine side. I tend to equate emotion with soppiness, which hardly makes me well placed to discuss the calendars annual display of romance and lurve. But I do love cars (and my wife), so I’ll give it a go.

Our cars are regularly used as vehicles for proposals, engagements, anniversaries and weddings. They may be used for other love-related purposes but I can’t and hope I never can prove that. So here are our top 5 most popular love machines: turn your romantic break into a real escape from £95.


It’s a fact based on sound research, and also of course a gross generalisation, that ladies love Minis. Hire our Cooper replica from £125 and share your sensitive side: show her that there’s more to you than Lambos and Ferraris. 

E Type 

If you have even a passing interest in cars then by law you have to like the E Type. If she doesn’t, it ain’t going to work. Put your relationship to the ultimate, crucial test with a trip in one of our four E Types. It’s sort of a win win: if she hates it, uou’ll Know. If she loves it you’ll look cool and romantic. Even if it was really all about you. Hire an E Type from £249. 

Alfa Spider

Italy. Open top cars. Romance. That’s all there is to know about the Alfa Spider. No car, as in absolutely no car, is more love-orientated than the super sweet Alfa. Hire it from £150.

Morris Minor

Express your vulnerable side with the retro, vintage, quirky Minor, car that puts the slow in, well, slow. It’s about as far from a machi man’s car as you can get and few cars will get you, her and the rest of the world smiling quite like a Moggy. From £125.

Austin Allegro

Now, lets be clear: it takes a particularly strong backbone to drive an Allegro in daytime. But the man who can risk universal ridicule and still perseveres is a truly unique character. Bring out your purposeful, devil-may-care side with a trip in an Allegro. If she can also shake off the world’s opprobrium then a life match surely beckons. Sadly I’m not that man so the Allegro I used to hire out has gone to pastures new.  So you’ll have to buy one, which at least shows real commitment. 

You can hire any of these cars for Valentine’s Day or buy a Valentine’s Day Gift voucher valid for 12 months. To find out more call 01527 893733 or visit


Graham Eason

01527 893733

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