Ford Mustang Restoration: 30.10.15 Update

I bought this 1964 Ford Mustang convertible in mid-2015 as a useable, presentable example with a plan to improve it over the winter.  It’s a rare straight six manual and spent most of its life in Alabama before being imported to, of course, Coventry.

The car’s main problem is the paintwork, which has micro-blistered all over, either due to a damp car cover or poor paint preparation.  We have stripped the brightwork and trim off the car and begun flatting back the paint to bare metal. We’ve started removing the panels, around the main area of rot in the A pillars. The Mustang has an air vent in front of the windscreen which also acts as a water drain. If the drainage holes block, as they inevitably do, the box section in front of the A pillar rots out.  As it has done here.

We have the facilities and skills to do most of this work in-house, with the exception of the paint. Since 2011, when I set up the workshop, my fellow Director Julian Mills has gradually broadened the facility’s skill base so that we are less and less reliant on outside contractors. With this car the only job that we will have to outsource is the actual painting of the car. He has done this to give us more control over quality and speed up the restoration process.

We plan to get this car back on the road at the end of the first quarter of 2016. You can watch its progress through updates on this blog.

We maintain our own classic car hire fleet as well as customer cars. Whether your project is big or small feel free to call 01527 893733 for a chat. 

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