Four get their tops off in the Cotswolds

For some reason known only to car manufacturers the history of motoring is not over-abundant with proper four seater convertibles. Despite the dearth of family-friendly drop top cars we’ve been doing our best to add a few to our classic car hire fleet in order to satisfy customer demand.  More and more families want to hire classic cars – a simple, inexpensive classic convertible car that that seats for is the ideal way to spend a day out.

We already have Triumph Stags and Morris Minor convertibles for hire at our main sites in Yorkshire, Cotswolds and Devon, which can all seat four in comfort.  But we felt we needed more variety for customers, plus these cars have been getting very busy. So recently we added a VW Beetle convertible to our fleet in Devon – which seats four comfortably – and this week we bought a Triumph Herald convertible project, which when finished will go onto our Cotswolds fleet.

The Triumph Herald is a brilliant, inexpensive classic car because it’s so simple and versatile. It’s easy to drive, it’s reliable and it seats four in comfort.  We’ve plumped for a 1360 Herald rather than the GTI version, the Vitesse, because we feel the 1360 offers a better combination of performance, comfort and simplicity when used as a hire car.

The latest addition is a 1968 car currently finished in light blue with a black vinyl interior.  The car doesn’t need much work to be ready for hire and we will do the welding and cosmetic work in our own workshop in Worcestershire.  We are considering respraying the car too, but we’ll see how it cleans up with a good polish.

We’ll post updates on the Herald project here and let you know when it is ready for hire. We’ll be pitching it as a cheap weekend convertible similar in price to our Morris Minors. So hopefully it will be a car that families can enjoy when they visit the Cotswolds.

The Herald joins our existing fleet of Triumph hire cars which include Triumph Stag, TR6 and Spitfire.

To find out more about our fleet of family-friendly four seater convertible classic cars visit or call 01527 893733.

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