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It started with some legal eagles from London. We put them in five different classic cars over 100 miles and they haven’t stopped raving about it. That was in 2008, th first of our corporate rally days. Since then we’ve done quite a few more and decided we were competent enough with the format to offer the same basic idea for our private customers. 

In 2011 our classic car driving days were born. Although we’ve added more dates and routes the format remains essentially the same – roll up in th morning and by the end of the day, at least 100 miles later, you’ll have driven some great classic cars. And had a very good lunch. We’ve tweaked the idea along the way, adding in a passenger option – ideal for couples or dads and their lads – and offering a variety of route lengths to suit different customers. Because after all, some of us like to meander and some of us like to cover more ground. 

We’ve also developed our hire fleet so that there is more choice and variety, because customers now tend to come back and try different routes. With the largest fleet of classic hire cars in the UK we now make sure that each rally has a different range of cars; they always include the old favourites like E Types, but with several E Types on the fleet we even make sure we put on different E Types. 

Great Escape is still the only company offering th chance to drive five cars in one day. For 2015 our driving days are based at our Cotsolds site in the Midlands. By focussing on one site we can offer a wider range of cars and routes. In 2015 that means 8 rallies and new routes through the Forest of Dean and a new Welsh Triangle route through mid-Wales. 

Every rally day puts you behind the wheel of five different classic cars. And it’s a proper, full day of driving – no time-wasting hanging around to pad things out. We typically drive 100-150 miles, with a stop for lunch, returning to the start between 4pm and 5pm. We then allow as long as you like to take a last spin in the cars. Insurance, lunch, fuel and route maps are all provided. Great Escape staff accompany the route with back up vehicles and a spare classic car.

The cost to join one of our rallies is £199 for a driver or £99 for a non-driving passenger. To find out more call 01527 893733 or visit 

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