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Believe it or not, people get bored of E Types. Which is a shame really because if they didn’t here at Great Escape we could just have E Type hire cars and be done with it.  But you, the people demand more. So we give you more. And we tirelessly and persistently seek out more choice for you, our customers. Which means buying more classic cars. Frankly, there are worse jobs in the world but I can’t think of any right now. Think of us as you press your demands for new stuff. Our dedication to buying new classic cars for us, sorry you, to enjoy means when you get a Great Escape gift voucher or go on one of our driving days, you get more choice of cars than anywhere else.

Over the years we’ve tried lots of new cars out, many have stuck and some thankfully haven’t. For every Triumph TR6 there is a Rover SD1 Vitesse, great cars that just don’t work as hire cars. Often, as it turns out, because they often simply don’t work. We like to seek out the sure fire bets as well as the offbeat options in order to bring customers something different.  This inevitably leads us up a few blind alleys, like that SD1 and our favourite bad car the DeLorean DMC-12. Popular as it was we have a responsibility to our customers, and that excludes cars whose wheels fall off. And gear sticks while we’re on the subject. 

During 2013 we’ve added £100,000 worth of new cars to our fleet. Sure, we’ve ditched some lemons but overall that investment brings you more cars and more choice. And no risk of cars whose wheels fall off by design. With the new cars we’ve concentrated on making classic car hire more accessible – by adding cheaper hire cars – and creating more choice, by adding cars like our Corvette and TVR Chimaera. We’ve also added more examples of our most popular cars including Jaguar Mk2, E Type and MGB as well as opened a new hire base in Devon. 

For the 2014 season we will have several more new cars available to hire including Fiat X1/9, Triumph Herald convertible and Jaguar XJS V12 coupe. Most of the new cars will be at the affordable end of our price range, which starts at just £95 for 24 hours hire. 

To find out about our fleet of 60 classic hire cars (and growing) and our range of driving days and weekend experiences, visit or call 01527 893733. Use discount code ‘iwant’ to claim 15% off online or mention this article by phone to get the same. 

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