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The headline might be a bit alarmist but there are some ideas floating around the EU and UK national and local governments that could restrict use of classic cars. They may or may not come to fruition of course, but they’re much more likely to if we classic car enthusiasts just sit on our hands.

The ideas threatening classic cars include an EU ban on cars older than 10 years and plans by some city councils, particularly Edinburgh, to ban older cars from their city centres. This doesn’t make much sense to me since it encourages the use of newer cars which encourages the production of newer cars, all of which uses much more energy than keeping an existing car on the road. Particularly a classic that tends to travel relatively few miles.

These ideas also suggest that older cars are much more polluting. I’m not an expert so is this really the case?

Surely the crucial issue is to encourage ALL car owners to reduce their car usage rather than to target one group of users. This means better public transport or encouraging social changes like home-working.

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