It’s a, ahem, Mini Makeover

Few cars suffer the Cult of Personalisation quite like the humble little Mini. By little, of course, I mean the original one, although the modern car succumbs equally to the trend. Personalisation is, by its very nature, personal and consequently one man’s wicked is another man’s, well, wicked. So when we set about the task of personalising our 1981 Mini City E we were embarking on a very rocky path. Now the job is complete I hope you like what we’ve achieved.

The goal was to create a tasteful replica of the original 1960s Mini Coopers. Everyone wants to drive a Cooper but of course a proper one is now verging on E Type money. Which means we would need to charge E Type prices to hire it. Far better, we thought, to convert a standard car and keep the price reasonable. The Mini was totally restored during 2013 and put on the hire fleet towards the end of that year. It needed a few things to finish off the Cooper look but customer demand and parts supply meant we had to put these off. We fitted a retro interior and during 2014 it ran ‘as is’, including a faultless trip to Monaco in September.

Since we took the car off the road in November we’ve concentrated on finishing the little details that we think set this car apart from the usual Cooper replicas. We’ve fitted replica Cooper steel wheels, a set of ‘Italian Job’ spotlights and a subtle cherrybomb exhausst to beef up the noise. The finishing touch was re-registering the car with the DVLA on a set of 1967 number plates. Mini afficionados will know what the car is, but we defy the uninitiated to tell. The Mini is available to hire from our Midlands base and costs £129 for 24 hrs or £229 for a weekend. It’s ideal for weddings and we can deliver the car nationwide. To find out more call 01527 893733 or visit

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