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Every Valentine’s Day our thoughts here at Great Escape naturally turn to all things car related. Specifically, how can we make sure a car is part of our own particular lovefest. If that thought perhaps doesn’t warrant lingering too long over, I should say that we’re not alone. Which was perhaps not the best choice of words….

Valentine’s Day is one of our busiest days of the year with girlfriends and wives booking the car of their partners’ dreams as a surprise and boyfriends and husbands booking the car of their dreams as a surprise. It was ever thus.

Whether your motivations are altruistic or purely selfish, who are we to judge. We do know, objectively of course, that the right classic car can be the surprise finishing touch to a very romantic day out.

So here, as a simple public service, are our best and worst love machines for Valentine’s Day.

5 of the best 

We don’t claim to be experts on the perfect love machine, we can just recommend the ones that our customers like. So here they are, the best Valentine’s Day wheels….

1. Morris Minor Convertible

Cut the pace, it’s not a race – that’s the diminutive Moggy’s mantra and whether the retro, quirky styling hits the spot or the huge smiles per mile, the Morris cannot fail to mellow and warm even the coldest heart. Get in the mood for love, get in a Moggy Minor.

2. Alfa Romeo Spider

If you’re the sort of person who struggles to find the right words to say, get an Alfa Spider for your date. It’s like a big billboard proclaiming romance and love. Be in no doubt – he or she will get it. Behind the wheel of an Alfa it’s always sunny. Which is just as well because there won’t be much left of it if it’s raining.

3. VW Beetle 

Obviously some element of generalisation is involved here, but every lady in the entire world loves a Beetle. According to our extensive research. Probably. Almost certainly. Fortunately classic Beetles don’t come fitted with the silly flower vase of the recent remake, just oodles of quirky, simple style. Engage with your feminine side and hire a Beetle for Valentine’s Day – it’s not for you, it’s for her. Except a bit of it, quite a bit of it in fact, is for him to – because Beetles drive quite well, like a Porsche 911 on stilts in fact, which is sort of exactly what it is. Just don’t mention that.

4. Classic Mini 

If getting up and close is your priority on Valentine’s Day then no car does that quite as well as the mini Mini. It is, of course, small and compact. Everyone loves a Mini, male and female, old and young. It’s silly. It’s stylish. It’s fun. It is peanuts to hire.

5. Jaguar E Type 

In the 50 years since the E Type was launched on an unsuspecting public it is fair to say that not many people, if in fact anyone, has ever said “ooh, I don’t like THAT.”  The E Type is the sort of car that melts hearts.  Nobody who ever offered their date a ride in an E Type ever Did The Wrong Thing.  Whether coupe or convertible, the svelte E turns any romantic break into a real escape. Put some more love in your life, drop in an E.

5 of the worst 

This list of anti-love wheels is a little harder to assemble. Since nobody asks us for them we just have to guess. So we’re going to offend someone here. We’d love to be proved wrong so feel free to do so. 

1. Reliant Robin

According to the old car sticker, one must not come a-knock in’ when the car is a-rockin’. Except, in the case of the Tamworth Rocket, you’d be well advised to ignore that. Because if you see a Robin rockin’ in the throws of lurve it’s going to fall over, with resultant injury to occupants and passers by. We cannot vouch for the Robin’s innate appeal to the opposite sex but we can see that, on a purely practical basis, it’s not ideal owing to its inherent instability. Be warned.

2. Mitsubishi Carisma

In the long history of car names few exhibit such a yawning gulf between idea and reality as the unloved Carisma. And yawning is indeed the word with this car. Far from adding a soupçon of charisma to your romantic date, the featureless, dull, character-free Carisma will simply send your partner to sleep. And if a car is an extension of the soul, this one says soulless. 

3. Sinclair C5

Technically the C5 is a car. It has wheels, a seat and all that car tax nonsense that is generally the preserve of proper vehicles. Except on many levels, indeed far too many to relate here, the C5 is not a car at all. It’s a very silly thing. Silliness is, in fact, it’s defining feature. As a romantic prop it continues this theme, being guaranteed to leave you lonely on account of it being firm evidence of mental instability. Which is really just as well because it only has one seat. 

5. Electric Vehicles In General 

Here at Great Escape Cars we love old stuff. But we do try to avoid preserving ourselves in aspic and consequently we are dimly aware of things like Electric Cars and Hybrid Cars. Occasionally when we venture out of Man Cave HQ we do see one. And in many ways an electric earth-hugging car is perfect for a romantic date. Sure, it is sensible and, like a suit from M&S, stylish on a budget, neither of which are exactly cutting edge Lothario techniques. But it is right on the button agenda wise with its whole green thing. There’s just one problem: the silence. Creeping up on someone silently has never had a positive outcome for me and, I suggest, is generally not a good idea. Sadly Eco-friendly cars do the Creeping Up On You Silently thing very well. And that isn’t romantic. 

So, there you have it. You can spice up your Valentine’s Day with by hiring any of the 5 top love mobiles above. We also provide romantic packages that can be bought online in our Gift Shop or by phone on 01527 893733


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