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The world of big business spins, apparently, on one axis, and it’s called Networking. It’s about Relationships. It’s not what you know it’s who you know. The daily mantra drummed into sales people is – people buy from people. It’s all about getting to know you.

The trouble is that getting to know your customers and prospects is not all that easy. It can even be a struggle getting them to just meet you.

This, of course, is where the perennial Corporate Event fits in. After you’ve Linkedin to them, emailed them to death and dropped in on them unannounced multiple times ‘on the off-chance,’ you realise you need something that will push them a little further, make them commit to you, move things to the next level.  That’s the role of the corporate event – on the face of it, it’s a jolly, an expenses-paid day out. Below the surface it’s more, much more: it’s about us getting to know you.

And so you convince your sales director to invite your target people to the annual golf day, where a selection of customers, prospects and the sales director’s PA play golf and get drunk. All of which largely works in cementing deals and meeting targets.

If you’re anyone who’s anyone you’ve been on golf days and clay pigeon shoots until you’re royally sick of them. Persuading prospects to commit a day out of the office therefore gets harder.  These events also generally only deliver one-to-one networking, as you’re paired up for the day, but if you want to wine and dine two or three people it’s less effective.

Now, consider something entirely different for a moment: a car journey. You’re sat in a metal box with driver and a passenger or two. There really is nothing else to do but talk. Anyone who has been on a car journey will know that by the end of it you either love or hate your fellow passengers, but you definitely know them better. So in theory if you want to get to know your customers and prospects, get in a car with them.  There is, of course, a fundamental reason why that idea fails to gain much traction on the annual corporate entertainment calendar. Car journeys and road trips are generally something to be endured if your mode of transport is a Ford Mondeo, Audi A4 or anything else modern and innocuous.  Doubly so if your route involves a motorway.

Take away the boring car and dull road and replace them with a bunch of dream classic cars and some twisting A- and B- roads across the Cotswolds and Wales and things begin to look up. You still have the bonding element but the stuff that made it Not Work is replaced with stuff that will turns a dull journey into a, ahem, great escape. This is the basic premiss behind our corporate driving days and one of the reasons why they are so popular with our corporate clients. The idea is fairly simple: that pairing up clients and customers in a variety of classic cars over a scenic driving route, with lunch, cannot fail to bring both sides closer and on better terms.

We vary the format to suit customers but generally each guest will drive five different cars: pairs can stick together throughout the day or switch, enabling clients to mingle effectively with different guests. The refreshment stops and lunch break provide extended periods for networking, with the backdrop of classic cars and fine scenery breaking the conversational ice.  The driving route is simple to follow and the cars relatively easy to drive so that there is little to interrupt the natural flow of conversation. But without satnavs each pairing has to interact, with the passenger directing the driver.

We have been running classic car driving days for clients since 2008, with group sizes varying from 4 to over 100. We can run them from our Midlands unit, on the edge of the Cotswolds, or anywhere in the UK. With 50 classic cars to choose from and a fleet of transport trucks we are the only classic car specialist with the range and capability to meet bespoke requirements. And the price is cheaper than you probably expect: on a par – hoho – with a good quality golf day. You can find out more about what we do and what our customers say by clicking here. below. Or call 01527 893733 or email for more details.

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