Jensen Interceptor restoration: 30.10.15 update

Oh dear. The Jensen Interceptor.  Few cars have developed a reputation for scaring off buyers quite like the West Bromwich flyer. Given the car’s hand built complexity and dismal electrics that’s probably not entirely undeserved.  Throw in historically low values – although that is changing now – and it’s easy to see why many enthusiasts are tempted and why many cars have been bodged.

We currently have two Interceptors in the workshop, including this Royal Blue 1974 J-Series car.  This car has received a huge amount of work over the last two or three years and in many sense is an object lesson in how Interceptor ownership requires deep pockets. Most of the work has been done by Jensen specialists to a generally good standard, but the car’s tendency to rust quickly means that much of the work now needs redone.

We have got the car in for a full body restoration and respray. As with many Interceptor projects, what you see is rarely what you get once the sanding machine gets to work. This car was showing rot to the front and rear arches and some deterioration to the doors. Initial investigation revealed a huge amount of filler across the front of the car and rot on the nearside wing due to a previous poor repair.  Interceptors are of course lead loaded and this can be one of the reasons why they deteriorate – the lead reacting to the metal and paint.

We are some way into this project now, with the car stripped and a replacement panel welded into the front offside wing.  We’ve also repaired the nearside front wing.

We have begun work on the rear of the car, where the nearside arch was in a poor condition.  A replacement arch panel costs over £600, which may explains why the previous repairer fashioned strips of metal to effect a repair, which you can just see in the photo above.

The next job is the doors and the front valance: under the thick layer of filler there are pin hole rot spots in the corners of the bonnet aperture that need resolved.

You can follow progress on the Jensen on this blog.

We maintain our own hire fleet and also work on customer cars, like this one.  To find out more about our workshop facilities just call 01527 893733.

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