Keep a classic original or improve it?

For the Great Escape classic car hire fleet I’ve always been strongly on the side of originality, but an issue with our VW Golf GTI has made me challenge my position somewhat.

We have been gradually improving our Volkswagen Golf GTI since we bought it and I’ve finally decided to bite the bullet and replace the engine. This car is one of the last 1600cc fuel injected Golf GTIs before Volkswagen replaced this original engine with an 1800cc version. Ideally, sticking to my ethos of originality, I’d drop in a replacement 1.6 engine. The trouble is they’re extremely hard to come by.

There are plenty of 1.8 litre Golf GTI Mk1 engines around, many in excellent condition, but the smaller capacity motor is much harder to come by. So I’m faced with a dilemma – hold fire and wait for a decent 1600cc engine to come along or plump for a 1800cc upgrade?

After giving it some thought we’re going to go with the 1800 engine because I want the car to be mint, quickly, for customers and I guess the 1.8 litre engine was virtually concurrent with our 1982 1.6 car. So hopefully soon it will be back on the fleet as a fully fledged member of our growing 1980s classic car hire fleet.

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