Milestone for Alfa Romeo Spider

We bought the immaculate Alfa Romeo Spider in 2006 when it had just 51,000 kms on the clock. In the intervening years it has been one of our most popular hire cars with glowing feedback from customers. And it has been utterly reliable.

Belying Alfa Romeo’s reputation for building fragile cars with electrics designed and assembled by people who apparently don’t know their AC from their and DC, our Alfa Romeo Spider has been the most reliable car on our fleet. It probably helps that the car wasn’t built by Alfa Romeo – it was assembled by Pininfarina, who executed the elegant Series 4 redesign of our car – and that it is relatively new compared to some of our cars. But 50,000 kms in less than 4 years at the hands of hundreds of enthusiastic drivers is testament to what a great car it is. The Alfa Romeo has never broken down on hire and has only needed a clutch, starter motor, brake pads and discs and an electric window motor.

We’re so impressed by the Alfa Romeo that we’ve added a second Alfa Romeo Spider located at our base in Suffolk. Although we’ve added a couple of MGBs in the intervening years, we still have a soft spot for the British roadster’s Italian rival. To find out more about the remarkable Alfa Romeo visit or call 01527 893733. Prices start at £165 for 24 hours.

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