Move over Santa, Cupid’s here

Christmas is so last week. Here at Great Escape Towers if we weren’t already married we’d be thinking about getting married.  Because when Santa quits town, Cupid comes around.  We know because at this time of year our phone runs red hot with wedding car bookings. Most brides, quite rightly, believe their big day is all about the dress. Or the church. Or the venue. They share this perspective with roughly 50% of the population.  The other 50%, who just happen to be male, generally have other priorities. Because delightful as all the fluffy stuff is, for most grooms the car is the star. The wedding wheels are often the main task allotted to the groom and the first thing he gets sorted. In the olden days sorting out the car was the sort of task that a groom would begin with gusto and end with disillusionment. Unless sitting in the back of a creaky old white Rolls or Jaguar was your idea of motoring Heaven, then your choice of wheels was rather limited. Some enterprising souls offered 1950s Americana, but they were few and far between. Now things are different. You can still opt for a white Roller, but if your tastes are rather more refined then there are plenty of other options available. Best of all – we think  – is self drive hire. The specialist classic car hire market has made it possible not just to hire the car of your dreams, but also drive it too.  And for less than the cost of a chauffeur hire. Bingo. At Great Escape Cars we provide a lot of cars for weddings. We’ve learned that the choice of cars is only the starting point – the key hurdle when choosing self drive hire is the logistics. So we’ve created a unique wedding hire package that makes choosing the car and fitting it into your day as easy as 1, 2 3. And here is exactly that – our 1 2 3 of wedding car hire.

1. Choose Your Car

We’ve got over 50 classic cars to choose from, based in the Midlands or Peak District. You can choose a bride or groom car, or both. You can choose cars by colour, style, era or type and we’re happy to provide advice on what works best for the bride and groom. Prices start at just £160. 2. Choose Your Logistics

Fitting a self drive car into your day requires a little more thought than chauffeur hire, but it is just as easy to arrange.  You can choose to collect and return the car or have it delivered – or a mixture of the two. You can also add a second driver who can collect and return the car for you – often this is a nice job for the father of the bride or the best man. We can quote for any option and it may not cost as much as you think. 3. Choose Your Hire Period

Our standard wedding hire package is what we call ‘1.5 days’.  This enables you to collect the car on the day before the wedding (usually in the afternoon) and return it around lunchtime on the day after – it’s nearly 2 days but you only pay for 1.5 days.  This package includes two drivers and costs from £160. It’s based on collection and return to our base but you can add delivery and collection if you need it.

When you talk to us about hiring your wedding car we’ll help guide you through these decisions.  Our goal is to find you the best package at the right price – we aren’t here to extract maximum value from you. We also offer a viewing service and a chance to try the car out for size – it’s rather like a wedding dress fitting. Once you’re happy with the car, logistics and price we only need a 25% deposit to secure the car.  The balance can be paid in installments or one final payment due 6 weeks before the wedding. 

To find out more about our range of over 50 classic wedding cars call 01527 893733 or visit http://www,

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