New Classic Car Finding Service

If you’ve ever fancied buying a classic car but got beaten down by the harsh reality that is wading through classified adverts, dealing with grumpy sellers and traipsing up and down the motorway looking at lost causes, then a new service from Classic Fixers might be for you.

The firm has launched a classic car finding service in partnership with Palmdale, the UK’s leading car-finding specialist. It’s currently limited to Jaguar XJS’ – hence the catchy name Find Your XJS – but there are plans to roll it out to cover any classic car model once the pilot proves successful.

Find Your XJS is a ‘turnkey’ service, so it covers everything from taking your brief about your ideal car – and budget – to negotiating with sellers on your behalf.  Prices start at just £695+VAT and expenses, although Palmdale usually hopes to save you at least that with its negotiating experience.

So it feels like a win-win.  It certainly takes the stress and hassle – not to mention the time – out of searching across the country for the car you want.

To find out more visit the XJS Workshop website here.

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