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Whatever your views on the Government’s decision to roll back the MOT exemption – and most people are of one view – it’s happening.  At Great Escape Cars it worries us – a lot – so we’ve created the Classic Health Check. First, a bit of background.  The MOT test has been creaking round the edges trying to cover a widening range of cars from the 1960s to current day.  The European Union decided that this was becoming untenable so started looking at ways to simplify it.  Roughly translated this meant reducing the breadth of cars it needed to cover.

The classic car fraternity translated this as meaning old cars could, potentially, be banned from the road.  So they proposed an exemption, arguing that old cars aren’t used much and their owners are fastidious.  Remarkably, the EU and UK governments bought this and agreed an exemption on cars over 40 years old, commencing in May 2018. What appears to be a blow for red tape is not quite the victory over bureaucracy that it might seem.  Although owners of older cars no longer need to put them through a MOT, they are still responsible for ensuring their cars are safe and roadworthy.  Without a MOT how do you do this?

As we’re faced with this problem on our classic hire fleet we had to find a solution.  As a responsible hirer we need an independent assessment of each of our cars to prove that they are road legal – it’s not just a moral obligation but a legal one.

We have worked with a local MOT tester to create the Classic Health Check. It started as an idea for our own fleet but is now available to any classic car owner.  It covers safety and structural issues on your car and provides an independent ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ assessment.  This can be used to demonstrate responsible maintenance of your car.   The cost is just £50 and takes about an hour.  We even include a free collection and return service within a 20 mile radius. To book your Classic Health Check call 01527 893733 or to find out more click here.


01527 893733

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