New Italian classic joins the fleet

The latest addition to the Great Escape fleet is a well respected mid-engined, rear-drive Italian classic. Well, that is one way to describe our latest addition. It’s a 7.5 tonne Iveco car transporter that will be used to improve our delivery and collection service for private, corporate and TV clients. The truck will also provide extra support for customers in the event of breakdowns or accidents. The addition of the truck means that we now have a full delivery and collection service at our busy Yorkshire and Cotswolds sites. Our existing delivery vehicles cover 50,000 miles a year transporting cars around the UK for private customers and to support corporate events and provide cars for TV, film and advertising work. Great Escape is one of the only classic car hire companies with full vehicle transport facilities. As well as improving our service for events and car deliveries our investment in transport means we can also respond faster and more effectively to breakdowns. Although they occur on less than 1% of all of our hires, when breakdowns do occur customers need a quick and effective service, including bringing a spare car if needed. The new truck enables Great Escape to transport 2 cars at once and will be used to support our classic car hire business as well as our prop car service for TV, film and advertising companies. Customer service is critical to what we do. We are not part of any associations or guilds for classic car hire companies because, as the largest classic car hire company, we set our own standards. To find out more about Great Escape visit or call 01527 893733.

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