November Workshop Update: 1965 Jaguar E Type

During November the exciting start of this restoration began to take shape.  With the carbs back from the specialist, the fuel lines and tank in place and new ignition barrel fitted, we could finally fire it up. We’re not sure when the car last ran but it appears to have been looked after: the engine runs very smoothly with no untoward sounds. The suspension improvements have now been done – new track rod ends, new ball joints and steering gaiter – and the new stainless exhaust system has been fitted. Most of the brake work is completed – we are simply waiting for the calipers to return. The final step will be to fit new tyres and then MOT the car.  The owner wants to keep the paintwork and interior ‘as is’ for now, treating the car as a running project to use and enjoy.  We completely agree. To find out more about our workshop call 01527 893733 or visit

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