November Workshop Update: 1971 MGB GT

The renovation of this 1971 MGB GT is cosmetic rather than structural.  Multiple shades of black and covered in scratches and scrapes, the car was looking a little sorry for itself.  The only real area of rot was the hatchback, which had developed holes at the lower edge of the screen, a notorious rot spot.

We began by stripping the car and removing the existing hatch back.  We sourced a very good second hand replacement for £80, which was fitted.  Then the whole car was flatted back to enable priming. The mechanicals and structure of this car were fine: it has received attention on our ramps throughout 2015 whilst on hire so we know that it’s reliable and solid underneath. There was some minor surface rust around the bottom of the headlamp bowls, which was ground back to fresh metal. 

The car was skimmed with filler as required to rectify dents and damage and improve the panel lines.

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