November Workshop Update: 1974 Jensen Interceptor blue/red

Any Jensen restoration is an involved process. These are complex cars with acres of lead loading and inevitably plenty of historical bodges.  Until recently Interceptors have languished at the lower end of classic car values, which usually means that they are patched up rather than properly repaired. The first task with this car was to strip it and begin to assess the level of work required. The front wheel arches and valance were obvious rot areas so these were cut back and the rot removed ready for new panels.

Stripping the car revealed other problems.  The driver’s door, which otherwise looked solid, was completely rotten at the bottom. Replacement panels are either hard to source or ridiculously expensive so the only solution here is going to be fabricating new sections and welding them in.

The paint on the bonnet louvres had cracked and peeled due to poor previous repairs and heat but we hadn’t spotted the pin hole rot spots until now.  The insulation on the inside of the bonnet had trapped water, causing rot to work its way through from inside. So the bonnet will be going off for soda blasting next week.

Inspection of the car revealed suspicions about the nearside inner sill: although this is a huge job it would be foolish not to do this at the same time.

Work will proceed on repairing the door and sill while we wait for panels, some of which have to be specially made for us. This is one of the frustrations of restoration: while you can order some panels in advance, you don’t always know what you need until you start work.

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