Our 5 Best Classic Hire Cars

Sometimes I feel like the Roman Centurion of classic car hire, whipping and pushing reluctant cars to work harder and longer.  Because at Great Escape Cars we demand more from 50 and 60 year old cars than, at times, it seems reasonable to expect.  In a typical season our popular cars will cover 1,000 miles a week.

And yet are high mileages an unreasonable expectation?  A well sorted classic car is like any car – perfectly able to withstand hard use.  But it certainly sorts the wheat from the chaff – sifting out the cars that were designed to withstand punishment from those that can’t. 

And so…We’ve already listed our worst classic hire cars – here are our best…

1. Alfa Romeo Spider

Yes, it’s true – an Alfa is our number one, top of the tree classic hire car.  The principle is simple – our Alfa Romeo Spider Series 4 has only broken down twice on hire in 12 years and 80,000 kilometres of service.  That’s a record that speaks for itself.  Admittedly, the Series 4 was built by Pininfarina, not Alfa, and the construction quality of the interior and bodywork leaves a lot to be desired.  But it is reliable – and perennially popular. 

2. Jaguar E Type

The E Type remains Britain’s favourite classic car – at least, if our hire sales are anything to go by – and that means punishing use.  We currently have 3 on our fleet.  We expect our E Types to churn out hundreds of miles a day, day-in and day-out. To achieve this certainly takes time – we’ve never taken on an E Type that hasn’t required a year of improvements to make it reliable.  But once there these are reliable and dependable cars.  Dependable in the sense that what goes wrong tend to be the same things that always go wrong, but still, dependable.

3. Jensen Interceptor

The Interceptor has the dubious honour of being on our best and worst lists. Our mid-blue 1974 car has covered 70,000 miles in 10 years and in the early days was the cause of considerable angst and stress.  Thankfully that is behind us – nowadays the car can cover 10,000 miles a year with a virtually 100% reliability record.  Who ever expected that from a Jensen?

4. Morris Minor Convertible 

Simplicity is the humble Minor’s watchword.  There isn’t much to go wrong but when it does everything is readily available on next-day delivery.  The Moggy just trundles on, a beacon of charm in a complicated word.

5. Jaguar XJS

As with all the cars on this list, the Jaguar XJS earns its place in part because we buy the right cars and maintain them correctly.  Consequently, running a V12 car that has a reputation for poor quality and unreliability isn’t the gamble it perhaps ought to be.  The XJS, at least from the late 80s onwards, is a well built and supremely capable GT car and increasingly popular on hire.

All of these cars are available to hire by the hour, day or on one of our popular road trips.  Find out more at www.greatescapecars.co.uk or call 01527 893733.


Great Escape Cars www.greatescapecars.co.uk 01527 893733

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