Power To The People

Not everyone gets to drive a supercar for the daily commute. And while BMW, Mercedes and Audi have now reached out to the common man with their mass-market small family cars, ’twas not always thus. Back in the 1960s Everyman Man had to make do with walking, a bike or a Morris Minor. Minors got Britain motoring. They were cheap, capacious and quick. Well, quicker than walking. Over in Germany our old foes had similar ideas, albeit assisted by a kick start from the British Army. The Volkswagen Beetle, literally The People’s Car, got post-was Weimar motoring in much the same way. It was cheap, capacious and etc etc. The Morris and Beetle were and are great cars. They opened up the car market to people who had never owned cars. They were simply engineered so they could be competitively priced and because they were simple they were reliable. Today’s car makers revel in catering for every possible market niche within a niche. Back in the 60s Morris and VW gave buyers few choices. In fact, only Morris offered any body style choices and there were no engine options and precious few spec levels. These two cars were many families’ first experiencing of motoring and as such they hold a special place in the memories of couples who married and children who grew up in the 1960s. So as part of our Britain vs Germany series of packages we’ve created the People Power Weekend. This unique package lets you put Morris Minor convertible or Morris Minor Traveller against VW Beetle from our Cotswolds site. Experience 24 hrs in each over a weekend. It’s perfect for a relaxing, slow-paced break in the Cotswolds or as a ‘try before you buy’ comparison. The People Power weekend is just £299 and includes 24 hrs use of each car, insurance for 2 drivers, unlimited mileage and free car changeover mid-hire at a local B&B. Add luxury accommodation for just £120 per night. To find out more call 01527 893733 or visit http://www.greatescapecars.co.uk.

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