Putting the social in social media

Once upon a time there was media, which basically consisted of tall people in nice clothes telling us what we should buy and think and do. Some of them, in the interests of balance, were also less tall and more angry and probably had not so nice clothes.  Then along came Social Media, which was essentially the same in a lot of ways except the people telling us what to buy and think and do aren’t as tall, are often More Angry and are, in fact, Everyone. 

I get that social media is all about interaction, a sort of virtual society, but what I had forgotten until two recent events showed me, is that social media can also be, well, social. It can be good and real and heart-warming.

My first lesson came with our recent Classic Cars & Coffee event. Based on a little work on Facebook and Twitter over 300 cars turned up. Seeing how social media essentially created an event enjoyed by so many was truly awesome.

And then this weekend something smaller but no less lovely. When one of our Twitter followers, Paul Woodford of Classics Driven, spotted that we were filming in Hull with a classic TVR he asked a favour. His mate Ryan, owner of a modern Tuscan, had seen the car and drooled over it – understandable as it is a lovely looking thing, as you can see. We hooked up Ryan, via Paul, with our driver and the rest was a 90 minute TVR-fest that I think all of us will remember for a while. None of it would have been possible without social media. 

Social media is great but nothing takes the place of real, actual face to face interaction. Its ability to enable that is what makes social media such a powerful tool. I may be late to the party but we’ll be seeking out more opportunities to turn online into offline interaction.  Our next Classic Cars & Coffee is on 15th May 10am to 2pm. Find out more on Facebook (GreatEscapeClassicCarHire) or via Twitter @Classiccarshire. 


Graham Eason


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