Retro classic wedding cars

When I first started hiring my classic cars I discovered a market that I hadn’t expected – self drive wedding car hire. And I have been particularly surprised by the popularity of our Morris Minor Traveller for weddings. It has found a great little niche as a retro, quirky and unusual classic wedding car. Our Morris has been all over the place and taken part in some very different wedding events including a wedding in a teepee. Its appeal is extremely broad – from young couples who just want something different to older couples who remember them from their youth. Either way, what a great and unusual alternative to a traditional white Rolls Royce wedding car.

The appeal of the Morris Minor Traveller as a wedding car has been helped by some publicity in national newspapers. The car seems to be part of a wider trend toward 1950s and 1960s retro products and themes. Perhaps after the credit-fuelled sugar rush of the last few years we’re all starting to look for a simpler and cheaper life.

Naturally we have to hire the Morris on a self drive basis. But even with just two doors, bride’s manage perfectly well with it. We do quite a lot of chauffeur hire weddings but as an alternative, driving yourself to the wedding adds a different personal touch and more flexibility because you’re in control. Self drive classic car hire also opens up a wider range of cars like Jaguar E Type, Jensen Interceptor and Alfa Romeo Spider – cars that are great for the groom to arrive in and perfect for the new couple to whisk away from the church to the reception.

With the economy struggling and finances tight, self drive wedding cars and retro wedding cars like the quirky Morris Minor Traveller seem like a great way to personalise your wedding and save money.

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