Say no to festive jumpers this year

Christmas, a time of rejoicing, eating and trying to find something to buy someone who says they don’t want anything.  

A whole industry has developed around the thorny issue of trying to buy something for someone – and it’s usually a man – who has no obvious need for it.  The answer, it would seem, is either a festive pyjama set, a hand-tooled business card holder or a hat that also serves beer through a straw.  It’s not exactly the stuff of dreams.

Into that industry of gifts for those who are very hard to buy for rides Great Escape Cars.  We don’t do ‘things’ we do ‘experiences.’  If the words experience conjurs up a 20 minute session in a clapped out Ferrari around a windswept race track somewhere in Nottinghamshire, then we hope we can surprise you.  Our classic car driving experiences put the person you know and love behind the wheel of their dream car on proper roads.  And they can enjoy it with you, their family or friends.

Great Escape Cars provides four ways to get behind the wheel, with prices starting at just £29.  They’re all available as vouchers and all valid for 12 months.

All of our vouchers are available to buy online – or by calling 01527 893733. 

Drive 5 Cars on 1 Great Day

Get behind the wheel of 5 classics on a road trip through the Cotswolds, Wales, Forest of Dean or Welsh Borders – or visit the Morgan Factory en route.  Our road trips can be enjoyed singly or as a couple.  Prices start at £249pp. Find out more

Get a Taster

Let someone you know enjoy their favourite classic car without breaking the bank.  Our Classic Tasters start at £29 and provide 60 minutes driving time on open roads, which can be enjoyed with family and friends. 

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Drive it for the Day

If only one car will do then our 20 strong hire fleet is available to hire by the day.  Prices start at just £95 and there is a choice of everything from Minis to E Types, 1950s classics to 1980s coupes. 

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Two Day Driving Tours

Turn a driving experience gift into a short break with our unique Two Day Tours.  Choose between the Black Mountain Run and Destination Evo.  Places are strictly limited but we promise a trip to remember. 

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Graham Eason

01527 893733

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