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The Great Escape Cars Peak District classic car hire site recently brought a Porsche Boxster to add to the growing fleet and with the Mercedes SLK at the site has given Lee Adams the owner of the site a unique insight into the cars that are strictly pitted against each other from the two German companies.

Lee has put the SLK and Boxster back to back and here tells us what he discovered….

I’ve been driving the Boxster for the last 4 weeks and even though the Boxster is a direct rival to the SLK the two are completely different in how they drive and make the driver feel. The two cars remind me of two famous actresses from the 1950’s era of Hollywood, the Mercedes is Audrey Hepburn cool and sophisticated whereas the Porsche is Marilyn Monroe racy and flirtatious.  

The Mercedes is car that looks gorgeous with its sweeping lines and from every angle it’s a beautiful car with its lovely 3.0 V6 engine that gives the exhaust a deep gurgling noise and when you accelerate you can’t help smiling. When you drive the car in comfort mode you want to drive the car and push the car along and sweep in corners and as you exit the bend put your foot down and hear that exhaust making that wonderful noise. If you was driving down to Monte Carlo you want to think you are a 50s movie star and the roof down and showing the car and you off and just enjoy the scenery and breeze through the villages and let them stare at the SLK and you know they want to swap places with you. When you get to Monte Carlo you know you got the right car for the right place.  Would you use the sports mode in essence no you wouldn’t to me it’s a gadget that really doesn’t enhance the driving of the car, it’s a car you want to drive but not really push hard.

The Porsche design is simple and so pleasing to the eye with a racy exhaust that snarls as you and with that 2.7 litre engine is phenomenal and delivers power through the whole range. This to me is a driver’s car the chassis engages you and tell you; right you and me are going to drive to the edge and whatever you throw at me I can take it and deliver you the confidence to hit that next corner faster and gives you a grin like a Cheshire cat, the Porsche is a truly driving car and the controls are simple to operate and with the wind deflector you won’t even get messy hair. If you was driving down to Monte Carlo you want to get there using the B roads because you and the car are one with the road.  As you drive through the villages they will wish they are in the car because they know you are enjoying driving and when you get to Monte Carlo you don’t stop, no you drive through and want to carry on driving this fantastic car.

To me I would use the SLK as an everyday car with the automatic gearbox and when you see yourself in shop window you know you have made the right choice. Everything about the car with the hardtop roof and the airscarf system and easy use of the controls makes the car easy to drive and own. The Boxster as a lovely gearbox and the changes are so sweet and would be easy to use as an everyday car but I would wait for the weekend, you will see this Silver car flying through the roads of the Peak District and me whooping with joy.

The two cars are available to hire at the Peak District site at £199.00 per day or our new package to hire both cars for one day each and see if you agree with me for £349.00 or call 01527 893733

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