Solving The problem of Trip Advisor

Customer review sites like Trip Advisor and Google Reviews are the bane of small businesses like Great Escape Cars. Unhappy customers tend to use them much more readily than happy customers, which means they are generally skewed towards the negative. That gives an unfair picture of any business, even if you work hard to encourage reviews. 

These sites are also essentially unregulated and unstructured. They are based on a star rating and a free text box. With little structure – and a tendency towards ranting and emotion – the information they impart to readers and business owners is extremely limited.  As a business owner I want factual, hard information about what went wrong or what needs to improve so that I can do something about it.  And ideally I’d like to hear about it in a simple, straightforward and clear manner. I imagine customers are looking for the same – while a long-winded description of a life ruined by some minor inconvenience is on many levels entertaining, it doesn’t really provide an objective assessment of the business.  It’s much more a window onto an individual psyche. Customers surely want objective, factual feedback that gives practical advice.

Trip Advisor and Google Reviews don’t do that. So we looked around for a review service that does and found Feefo. Feefo does these things.  It gathers independent reviews from customers in a structured and no-nonsense way. That means customers can assess what we do properly – and we can identify areas for improvement and development quickly and effectively.


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