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Mothers. At Great Escape Cars we know that when it comes to mothers, it’s not all knitting and flowers. Some mothers, quite a lot in fact, like their Days rather more interesting. Or exciting, if you prefer. So, if you thought the perfect Mother’s Day on March 30th had to be a bottle of smell and a pair of purple slippers, let us help widen your horizons. 

Here, for your perusal, are our most popular cars with mothers, as chosen by the mothers who chose them. 

1. Jaguar E Type

Men love its drama and turn of speed, women like the same. And its sense of occasion and style. The E Type is the car that units the sexes, as our fleet of five regularly prove.  Wives may book the E Types for their husbands, girlfriends for their boyfriends. But we know because we see the looks on their faces.

Great Escape E Type gifts and vouchers start at £249 from our Yorkshire, Devon and Cotswolds sites. 

2. Alfa Romeo Spider

It’s obvious really. Dustin Hoffman didn’t woo Mrs Robinson with an Allegro. Or a TR7. Or a Daimler SP250. He chose an Alfa. Not only because it’s brilliant to drive but because nothing else on four wheels says Amore quite like the diminutive Spider. The Alfa’s style, Latin verve and crackling exhaust mean it’s driven equally by the fairer and less fair sexes. 

Great Escape has classic and modern classic Alfas for hire from £95/day as well as Alfa-themed gift packages. 

3. Jensen Interceptor

The 70s he-man’s GT may seem an unlikely Mother’s Day gift but peer through the fug of Brute and there is another side to the West Brom bullet. We regularly hire our three Jensens to wives and girlfriends, presents booked by their partners who insist, and we believe them, that it is the perfect anniversary/birthday/Mother’s Day gift. And it appears to be. Whether it’s the way a Jensen evokes nostalgic memories like few other cars or its whiff of Trans-continental getaways, the Jensen is the ultimate metrosexual car for Mothers Day. 

Great Escape has three Jensen Interceptors to hire from its Yorkshire, Devon and Cotswolds sites. From £249/day. Gift vouchers available. 

4. Morris Minor 

Sure, Nurse Gladys drove one. But so did Madness. The Morris is the ultimate every-person car, whether a Traveller, convertible or saloon. From our customers we know that the humble Morris appeals to old and young, male and female because of its unsurpassed smiles per mile. It’s also a gift to share with the family. Surely pottering around the Dales, Moors or Cotswolds in Yorkshire, Devon or Cotswolds heading for a leisurely lunch turns a Mother’s Day into a Mother’s Getaway.

Great Escape has a fleet of 5 Morris Minors for hire in Yorkshire, Devon and the Cotswolds. Prices start at £129/day. To find out more call 01527 893733 or visit 

5. Jaguar XK8

Jaguar has always done rather well at creating cars that let men express their feminine side. In a good way. The XK8 hit the sweet spot – a big GT that appealed equally to successful women and men.  Whether supercharged XKR or luxury convertible, our duo of XK8s combine luxury and style to create a cossetting and relaxing experience that both partners love. 

We have XK8s to hire in the Peak District and Cotswolds from £199/day. To find out more call 01527 893733 or visit

To find out more about our fleet of 60 classic hire cars call 01527 893733 or visit Mention this article to claim 10% off Mothers Day gifts. 

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