Stuff the socks, get something you’ll really enjoy this year

When you reach a certain age it takes a bit more effort to get excited about stuff. You’ve seen a lot, you’ve done a lot. At Great Escape we do realise that. That’s why when we created our Christmas gift voucher packages we raised the bar a bit. And it seems to work, because we probably see more than our fair share of madly grinning grown men.

The secrets to our success have four wheels. If you’ve always dreamed of driving some of the greatest cars of the last 50 years now is your chance.

Our driving days put you behind the wheel of 5 classic cars during 8 hrs driving. Not for us a 20 minute spin around an airfield in a clapped out supercar. Nope. For just £199 you spend a full day driving some of the best cars from Jaguar, Jensen, Porsche, MG and Alfa over some of Britain’s best driving roads from our sites in Yorkshire, Devon and the Midlands.

All that for £199. That covers everything, including your lunch.

Claim 15% off during October

We run regular driving days from each of our sites during the Spring, Summer and Autumn. You can find more details of the schedule on our website at . You can buy our driving days as gift vouchers valid for any rally or book for a specific rally.

And when you buy a voucher during October we’ll give you 15% off. Just use discount code ‘iwant’ online or call 01527 893733 and mention this email.

Vouchers are available online in our Gift Shop or call 01527 893733. Use the code or mention this email to claim 15% off in October.


60 cars, 3 great locations

Great Escape has the widest choice of classic cars to hire in the UK, available from three convenient locations in Yorkshire, the Midlands and Devon. If you would prefer to immerse yourself in one car rather than join our driving days our self drive classic car hire packages start at just £80 per day using your 15% discount. For more details or call 01527 893733.

To take advantage of the 15% discount use discount code ‘iwant’ online or call 01527 893733 and mention this email. Or email us

Simply email a link to a loved one as a less than subtle hint – that should ensure you get what you really want for Christmas this year.  

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