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Kids today eh? Back in my day we were content to celebrate leaving school with a dodgy disco and a sneaky Vimto down The Dog and Duck. Today, as any parent knows, it’s a bit different. The modern take on that crafty Shandy is a full on American-style prom and for full on American-style proms you have to arrive in full on style.

Apart from the red carpets and big dresses and new Burton suits, that means a decent set of wheels. Arguably proms are like weddings, only with more non alcoholic drinks: years later guests might not remember much about it but they do remember what you wore and the car that got you there. 

Typically proms of old demanded you arrive in a pink stretched Hummer. As the phenomenon has got more sophisticated, so have tastes. Today the creaking Hummer limo is, taking a back seat, in favour of more stylish and offbeat choices.

Be safe, be insured

This is quite a good thing in many ways. Firstly, people living near schools in June no longer have their roads blocked by trapped stretch limousines. And secondly, less people are arriving at proms illegally. I hate to be a spoil sport at this point, or to sound like the Old Man Of The Hills, but chauffeur driven prom cars are often, ok probably, being driven illegally. To chauffeur drive someone anywhere for money, with the exception of weddings, you need a private taxi cab licence. As most Councils won’t issue taxi licences to cars over 15 years old or that operate outside fairly strict limits on modifications, ergo, you can’t guarantee the limo is insured.  

Classic Car Hire

It’s also quite a good thing for little ‘ole classic car hire companies like us. Over the last few years we’ve been hiring more and more cars for proms. It started off as a bit of an excuse for petrolhead dads to get behind the wheel of the car they’d always promised themselves.  And, lets be honest, it often still is, but who cares? Increasingly, however, it’s about switched on teens picking the car that reflects who they are. Which is great. We have everything from Minis and Morris Minors to fire-breathing Cobras so whoever you are or want to be, we have the car. We only hire self drive, of course. And this seems to work for all concerned: it’s cheaper than a limo, you can still share the cost because our cars seat up to five and you know you’re insured. For 2015 we’ve made prom hire easier and simpler.  And cheaper. And we’ve explained it all on the big flashing link below.

Prom Hire Packages

It is all astonishingly simple. We’ve even surprised ourselves. We’ve create a standard prom hire package of 4pm to 10am. Whatever car you choose it’s £100. You get the hire period, one driver on the insurance and, on most cars, unlimited mileage. 

Our prom cars include a range of two, four and five seaters and the option of saloon, coupe or convertible.  They range from 1950s cars to 1990s supercars. All for exactly the same price. 

To find out more click here or call 01527 893733. 



01527 893733

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