The 5 Ultimate Dad Cars

When you’re a Dad of a certain age then frankly new rules apply. Which, lets be honest, is something kids don’t get. While they mutter on about dodgy dancing, duff jeans and suspect shoes, not to mention the sheer unimaginable embarrassment of being seen out in public with you, the self assured father can get on with the simple task of doing what the hell they like. Which is the single greatest benefit of getting old. This principle can be perfectly applied to Cars That Dads Like. Which here at Great Escape is the sort of topic that we spend a considerable amount of time pondering. That and exactly how much oil a car should reasonably consume in 100 miles. Call them Old Skool or retro, whatever you fancy, but the plain fact is that the Ultimate Dad Cars eschew youthful notions of cool, style and fashion. They are UDCs because they can be. No justification required, end of conversation. So here they are, our Ultimate Dad Cars – embarrassing to anyone under 25, sheer unadultered joy to anyone with more hair in their ears than on their head.

1. Ford Mustang

Small children and old men cannot get enough of the venerable Pony Car. It’s about as subtle as a sledgehammer but that’s exactly the point because when you’re choosing a Dad’s Car it doesn’t matter what people think. If the Mustang’s sheer scale doesn’t turn heads its V8 burble will. Of course, for any self respecting Dad the Holy Grail is a Bullitt-spec replica as driven by the saintly Steve McQueen. But pretty much any ‘stang will do, provided it is V8 equipped.

2. Corvette Stingray

America’s E Type eschewed the delicate aerodynamics of its British counterpart in favour of big bold curves and razor sharp edges. And why not. The Corvette has more front than Blackpool, more presence than Santa. A rare sight in Britain, the Corvette sets out its stall under a sign marked ‘So what?’ And any self-respecting Dad should do the same. The Corvette sticks two stubby fingers up at what other people think.

3. Jensen Interceptor

An American muscle car in a handmade Italian suit, the West Brom bullet is our own home-grown Dad’s Car. If you’re of a certain age (usually one starting with a 4) then chances are that you’ve always hankered after a Jensen. Not only does it have possibly the greatest car name of all time but the Interceptor furrows its own path deeper than anything sold by Massey Ferguson. Its thirsty 7.2 litre V8 thumbs its nose at common sense so just ease back in the thick hide interior, flick it into drive and let the long bonnet reach towards the sky. You don’t have to explain that to anyone. 

4. Jaguar Mk2

If you can remember a time when ITV showed Jaguar saloons being driven on the doorhandles by no good slags then you’ll probably love the Jaguar Mk2. Of course, the crims drove S-Types if you want to get technical, the independent rear suspension probably saving them from heading for the hedges rather than out-running Thaw & Waterman in their Consul. For anyone under the age of 30 a Mk2 is just an old car. For anyone over they know that this was the Subaru Impreza of its day with up to 220 bhp on tap. And still one of the most beautiful saloon cars of its day. Drive it like you stole it or pootle around the country lanes – this is a car to enjoy just being in.

5. Ford Capri

The car you always promised yourself. And now you can. No self respecting Dad can fail to see the appeal of the humble Capri, particularly iin full fat 2.8 or 3.0 V6 form. With its pseudo-transatlantic styling, all big-bonnet and fastback finish, the Capri is a handy reminder of life before kids and responsibility came along.  And who can deny any Dad the opportunity to get back there, even if for just one day eh?  The Capri’s Dagenham Dustbin reputation disguises what is an attractive, capable sports car with space for 4 – if you can trick the kids into riding with you.

So there you have it, 5 great Dad Cars.  There are many others of course but these ones are, in our opinion, great because they fly in the face of what your kids consider cool. They’re not just the anti-cool choice but the right choice too – all of these cars are purely indulgence and fun.

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