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I’ve got a bee in my bonnet and it’s about classic car maintenance. This particular bee has been creeping up and bothering me for several months now and it all started with the Government’s decision to scrap the MOT for pre-1960 cars. I was and am rather incensed about this, not helped by the MP responsible playing fast and loose with popular notions of common decency when responding to enquiries. But one positive outcome is it made me even more committed to improving the quality of our classic hire cars because it really matters to me.  It matters that we provide a quality car because my customers are generally fulfilling a lifetime’s dream. It also matters because I want my cars to be as reliable and safe as possible, otherwise everyone gets stressed. And I don’t want that.

I’m not being glib when I say that maintenance and improvement of the fleet has always been a central part of Great Escape Classic Car Hire. Before we had our own workshop I spend thousand and thousands of pounds with specialists ensuring that each car was improved and made more reliable. Since we’ve had our own workshop and a highly competent mechanic we’ve been able to do more of the same because it is costing us less. So we can afford to really invest in the cars, rather than just keep them going. This means we don’t just mend the things that go wrong, we improve the parts that we believe need improving, from bodywork to gearboxes and suspension. Most customers would never know, for example, that we’ve fitted a new gearbox to an E Type or rebuilt the suspension on the XJS, but we do.  And it matters to us.

The reason for this preachy rant is that until a customer arrives to collect their classic hire car they have generally only seen photos of it. And photos, by anyone’s reckoning, are not a good way to assess a car. Like most web-based businesses we rely on images to sell what we do. But I feel that isn’t enough. So now our website not only shows photos of the cars with a written description, we also list the major repair and maintenance work since 2010 on each car. This is the work we’ve done on the car over and above our normal servicing and maintenance regime and our 18-point pre-hire check. it’s the things that turn an average hire car into a great one, whether it’s improved aesthetics like a respray or new interior or a mechanical overhaul.  We are providing this information to make our hire service as transparent as possible.  We can never guarantee that our cars won’t break down or develop a problem but we can be sure that we’ve done everything we can to prevent it happening. So rant over. I’ll let the facts do the talking.  Visit to discover what we’ve been doing to our classic car hire fleet over the last 2 or 3 years. Or call 01527 893733 for more details.

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